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Cloud gaming, also known as gaming on-demand or game streaming, refers to a type of gaming where the processing power and rendering of games are handled by remote servers in the cloud instead of on the user's local device. It allows players to stream and play games directly over the internet without the need for powerful hardware or game installations.

OnePlay is a cloud gaming company that specializes in providing cloud gaming services to users. With a robust infrastructure of remote servers, OnePlay enables gamers to access and play a wide variety of games without the need for powerful hardware or game installations. By leveraging their cloud technology, OnePlay allows users to stream games directly over the internet, offering a seamless and convenient gaming experience.

Cloud gaming provides several advantages, including accessibility across multiple devices without the need for powerful hardware, instant play without downloads or installations, a wide variety of games in the platform's library, potential cost savings, and game preservation. However, it requires a stable internet connection and may have subscription costs or limited game availability.

Our servers are located in Mumbai and we have partnered with other network providers too.

To ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience on OnePlay, it is important to meet the following internet connection requirements. For streaming games in 720p at 60 frames per second (FPS), a minimum internet speed of 15Mbps is necessary. If you prefer a higher resolution gaming experience, such as 1080p at 60 FPS, a minimum internet speed of 25Mbps is required. It is recommended to close any additional tabs or applications that may overload your bandwidth and affect the performance.

OnePlay cloud gaming has an minimum requirement of 13 years, making it suitable for gamers of different age groups and ensuring a broad audience can access and enjoy their gaming services.

OnePlay's cloud gaming platform offers an extensive collection of the latest and popular gaming titles. With a diverse range of cutting-edge games, users can immerse themselves in an exciting and up-to-date gaming experience. OnePlay continuously updates its game library to ensure that gamers have access to a comprehensive selection of highly sought-after games.

OnePlay continually expands its gaming library by adding new games every week. This frequent addition of games ensures that users have a constant influx of fresh and exciting titles to explore and play. With regular updates, OnePlay strives to keep the gaming experience dynamic and engaging for its users.

To play a game on OnePlay, simply navigate to the games section and click on the "play" button next to the desired game. It's as simple as that! OnePlay aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing gamers to quickly and effortlessly start playing their chosen games with just a few clicks.

Video games with cloud save support utilize the cloud storage of digital distribution platforms like Steam, Epic, or Origin to save your progress securely.

OnePlay's Game Data Storage:

For games without cloud storage support, OnePlay saves and restores your game data at the beginning of each session. Correctly quitting the game is not necessary in this case if the game creates files during gameplay.

Yes, a OnePlay subscription is still required to access and play free games. Although these games are provided by stores and don’t need a purchase.

To enjoy cloud gaming on your mobile device, simply download the OnePlay app from the Play Store. Once installed, you can access a wide selection of games and enjoy the benefits of cloud gaming directly on your mobile device. With the OnePlay app, you can easily stream and play games without the need for powerful hardware, bringing a convenient and immersive gaming experience to your fingertips.

With OnePlay, our games are streamed directly to you, making a OnePlay subscription incredibly valuable. Our dedicated app allows you to access our game library on any device without the need to download or install games. Simply click and play!

Once you have installed the OnePlay app, there is no requirement for additional disk space. Your saved games are securely stored in the cloud, accessible from any device by logging into the app. This seamless experience ensures that you can enjoy your favorite games hassle-free, anytime and anywhere.

OnePlay does not provide store credentials for platforms such as Steam, Epic, Ubisoft, Origin, or We recommend that you already have an existing account with these platforms and own the games you wish to play before logging into our platform.

By having your own accounts and games on these platforms, you can seamlessly log in to our platform and access your desired games without any additional steps or purchases.

OnePlay implements an auto-login feature that securely stores your login credentials on their servers. This implementation is designed to prioritize the safety and security of your information within the server environment. You can trust that your login details are protected and handled with care while using OnePlay's platform.

To delete your store credentials in OnePlay cloud gaming, follow these steps:

  • Access your account settings or preferences. You can usually find this option under the profile or settings menu.
  • Within this section, locate the option labeled "delete session data" or a similar phrase.
  • Click on the "delete session data" option. You may receive a confirmation message to ensure your intent.
  • Confirm the deletion to proceed. This action will remove your stored login information and any associated session data.
  • After the deletion, your OnePlay cloud gaming experience will start fresh, requiring you to log in again with your credentials.

In OnePlay cloud gaming, there is a daily limit of 4 hours for gameplay. This limit ensures that users have a balanced gaming experience and helps prevent excessive screen time. Once you reach the 4-hour threshold, the platform will prompt a notification or take measures to notify you that your gaming session for the day has ended.

When encountering no resource/server available error, it indicates that the gaming rigs are currently at capacity. However, rest assured that you will still be able to access a gaming rig soon. OnePlay has implemented a new queue feature that provides real-time information about your position in the queue.

If the game you are playing on OnePlay supports multiplayer functionality, you can enjoy multiplayer gameplay. OnePlay enables you to engage in multiplayer sessions, connecting you with other players to enhance your gaming experience.

Yes, in OnePlay, you have the flexibility to use your credentials on multiple devices. This means that you can access and enjoy your gaming library and progress across different devices without any limitations. Whether you prefer playing on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV, or even a mobile device, you can seamlessly log in to OnePlay and continue your gaming experience across your preferred devices.

Yes, with OnePlay, you can resume your game from another device using the same credentials. However, it is important to terminate the game properly on the device you were playing before switching to a new device.

OnePlay is set to expand its reach and will soon be available on TV. This upcoming development means that you will have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite games on a larger screen, right from the comfort of your living room.

Currently, OnePlay does not have native apps available for Windows and Mac platforms. However, we do offer a native gaming client that provides a dedicated and optimized environment for accessing and playing games on your Windows or Mac computer.

Due to Apple's restrictions on gaming apps, OnePlay is not available as a standalone gaming app on iOS devices. However you can still access OnePlay on their iOS devices by utilizing the mobile web version. By accessing OnePlay through a browser on their iOS device, you can enjoy gaming on the platform.

At present, OnePlay does not offer an auto-renewal feature. However, we understand the importance of such functionality and are actively working on implementing it in the near future. In the meantime, we have a straightforward process in place to ensure that you can easily manage your pack subscriptions. You can always purchase future plans for taking the experience to the next level. Furthermore, we provide top-up options to enhance your experience and meet your evolving needs.

There are no restrictions on purchasing subscription plans on OnePlay. If you choose a monthly plan, it will start once your current subscription period ends, ensuring a seamless transition. On the other hand, the hourly plan starts immediately upon purchase, allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits of OnePlay without any delay.

When it comes to OnePlay's Active 20 hrs or Unlimited plans, it's important to understand the refund policy. OnePlay provides a refund option within 24 hours of the payment transaction's completion, provided less than or equal to 1 hour of gaming hours have been used during this period. However, after this 24-hour period has passed, you will be ineligible for a refund on a purchased subscription. Customers can also apply for a cancellation/refund for an upcoming monthly plan through OnePlay. If you have a subscription plan with OnePlay and want to cancel it, you can do so up to 5 days before the next billing cycle begins.

It is important to note that there is no cancellation or refund option available for other OnePlay plans. Please contact us at if you want to cancel or get a refund.

To cancel your OnePlay subscription, please refrain from renewing your plan before the current subscription period ends. Once the billed date is reached, the plan will be automatically cancelled.

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