OnePlay does just the same but with your favorite games!

Instead of running the game on your hardware, you can run it on their servers backed with high- end graphical memory. The game then responds to your commands, and every frame gets streamed straight to your gadget.

There is no need for high-end hardware

OnePlay doesn't require top of the line gadgets to allow you to play your favorite games. You can run even the most new age games on the oldest devices without paying a single penny on hardware updates. Cloud gaming is the most ideal choice if you don't have a high-end device but are passionate about gaming.

You don't need to download games

You won't have to download any gaming files to play a game with OnePlay. At the same time, you have the most extensive game library at your end, which is practically unthinkable with conventional gaming.

You have the independence to game anywhere

Gaming devices are generally not so portable. Even the most portable gaming laptops won’t let you play games in the railway station or a waiting room! OnePlay makes gaming extremely portable and gives you the independence to game anywhere and anytime.

You can game on all devices

Cloud gaming services let you game through Android, iPhones, Windows, Mac and more. It is supported on all platforms of devices, and the progress gets synced to all the devices logged under the same account. You can even continue your game on a smartphone while you don’t have access to a bigger screen.

The Team

The OnePlay team is a tight-knit, multicultural melting pot of competent and knowledgeable industry experts, with just the right amount of overzealousness. The pride that the OnePlay team shares amongst all team members comes from the knowledge that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome when this powerhouse team comes together.

Harshit Jain

CEO, Co-Founder

Abhik Saha

CTO, Co-Founder

Mainak Debnath

Lead Engineer

Nidhi Shah

Python Engineer

Ishan Talathi

Infrastructure Head

Basant Kumar Singh

Backend Engineer

Anjali Kumari

UI Designer

Dmitry Adzhiev

Principial Architecture

Do Huy Hoang

Streaming Engineer


Legal Head

Riya Jain

Social Media

Work with us


Experts in their respective fields, our mentors- Tarun Katiyal and Jitendra Gupta have equipped the team to take OnePlay to the next level in the world of gaming and network. Our objective is to give you a gaming experience anywhere, anytime without the hassle of any hardware with a bare minimum cost.

Tarun Katial

CEO, Founder of EVE World

Jitendra Gupta

CEO, Founder of Jupiter Money