Open Source Usage & Contributions

Last updated: 20 February 2023

We at OnePlay believe that Open Source is the future of Transparency of Any Company

Therefore we do and use lots of open source projects/softwares/solutions/code in the entire chain of end to end solution.

Because we love open source so much, we infant have many of our code-base open source and will be making lot of tools open source in the coming days.

Here is a list of declaration of the services, libraries, softwares, platform, libraries, code that we use every day to build the next generation cloud gaming experience.

NOTE: This list is not always up to date, so we update it time to time as we make our releases.

This list might not have all the libraries/solutions we use but we tried to cover as much as we can to bring full transparency and credit to the creators.


We heavily use Proxmox for our virtualization


We are on process in building our custom open KVM Dedicated GPU Virtualization Network


Apache powers our core API/Frontend Serving Infrastructure


We use it for faster caching or as a Micro-service proxy internally


For our internal and external repositories

Zabbix & NewRelic

Monitoring is everything


Code scanning is automated

OpenVPN & Pritunl

VPN Infrastructure


Internally for Load-balancing

Python/Go/PHP/Node/C++/QT C++/Rust/Java

Ah, the languages we love


Databases you can never live without


We love AWS after all


Disk/Storage Management

Redash/Countly/Google Analytics

Data Analytics we can never miss

Zoho Desk & Zoho Mail

CRM & Organization Mail


Our Mobile Application

OpenSSL/LetsEncrypt/Comodo SSL/Amazon SSL/DigiCERT

SSL/Signing our software


API & Testing


Desktop/Mac Application

Angular/React, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Website & Other Front-ends

Express, Nest, Flask

We love API Building

CDN77 & Cloudflare



Image re-sizing

Jenkins, Docker

CI/CD & Containers

Hashicorp Vault & Terraform

Secret Key & Deployment

Teleport/NGROK/Forward Proxy

For Remote Access

Centos 7, Ubuntu, Debian

Cannot live without this




Security & Load Testing

Elastic APM, KIBANA, Fleet & Log-stash

Logging & Analytics

Windows 10 & 11 Home/Pro/Enterprise/Server 2019/Linux Mint

For our main cloud gaming desktop experience

We use this OS as our main working OS, Dev/QA, Testing or As part of our Production for (BETA)

WebRTC, HEVC, H.264, AV1, VP9

CODEC & Services

Windows Optimisations, Tweaks, Performance, Tuning & Debug

MSI AfterBurner, Riva Tuner, GPUOpen, ProcessHacker, ViGEMBus (Controller Support), XBOX Drivers, NEFRAS

AMD Series GPU - 5700XT, 6800XT, 6800, 6600XT, V520, V620

NVIDIA Series GPU - 2060, 2060s, 1080, 1080TI, 3060, 3070, 4080, 4070, A5000, A4000, A6000, RTX 5000, A10, A16, A40, T4

Intel Series GPU - Arc 770

We use this GPU for either testing, internal Dev usage, QA, or in Production as of our (beta)


At the heart of OnePlay Custom Streaming stack, sunshine is in-build


We use Customised Moonlight client as our main client experience

Epic Games, Steam,, EA Play/Origin, Ubisoft/Uplay, Rockstar Launcher/SocialClub, Riot Client, GOG

DRM Stores for Games

pfSense, VYOS, OPSense

We love networking, thats we love to customize things as well to the best of experience.

Cisco/Juniper/NetGear/LinkSYS/Ubiquiti Switch/Router

We use them inside our network in office or in the Datacenter

PayTM, Rayzorpay, Stripe, Paypal

Main payment gateway



Slack & Jira & Discord

You know what you know

Dell PowerEdge, SuperMicro, Asus, Gigabyte, HP Server Series

We use the combination of this in our Dev, QA, Prod, Office Network as per application requirement

Custom Hardware:

We use and will continue to use custom hardware as part of broader customisation, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

That can include custom Chassis, Cooling Strategy, Motherboard/CPU/GPU Combination, Risers etc.

We mainly use

X570, X670, B550/450, WRX80, TRX80 and many more server/workstation grade

Samsung, Crucial, Micron SSD

WD/Seagate HDD

Custom Chassis

AMD EPYC, Threadripper or latest Ryzen CPU’s

Intel XEON, i5/i7/i9 Series


PCI 3/4 X16 Risers

And many more to create custom blade/tower/rack servers as per need

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